Who’s Reading Max and Mollie Books

Max Gage and 1st Graders Mitchelville, IowaMax and Mollie readers are like Sea Glass! They come in all colors, shapes and sizes and from all over the world.  


Check out our written reviews from Amazon, emails, and events!  An incredible sensitive book covering the subject of unseen beauty.  So inspiring that it makes one wonder what this world would be like without video games, cell phones and TV.   A teacher so great that it makes one wonder if the human race is aware how special teachers are in the lives of our young. It is so well written that it is not only meant for a child, but also for the adult who hence learns the most important lesson of being aware in each and every moment. . Max, Mollie and the Magic of Sea Glass is so significant that it inevitably makes people mindful of their lives each and every moment.    A Truly inspirational book for all ages. “It is best to observe the world with open eyes. “  Scott Dean, Des Moines, IA