Max and Mollie Books…

Lessons in Character

Use Max and Mollie’s endearing stories to share life-time lessons in building strong character. Through the antics and wisdom of their magical friend Lily, children (and adults) of all ages discover innovative ways to learn perseverance, resiliency, patience, responsibility, empathy, and other building blocks of character.   


COMING October, 2020! 

Max and Mollie Walk a Mile in My Shoes (WAMMS) 

Emphasizing Empathy. Understanding. Responsibility.  Respectfulness. 

Paperback. 110 pages.  Children 6 – 11

Magic of Sea Glass Duo

The original sea glass series features both a children’s picture book and an expanded chapter book for older children.  (Same story, different reading/comprehension levels.) Max and Mollie discover, first hand, how tumbles in life can result in good things. And growth.  LEARN how perseverance and patience can improve us and our life going forward. Two versions for different age levels.

Max, Mollie and the Magic of Sea Glass  (SGPBHB).   Original hardback picture book for children ages 3-6. 

Max and Mollie Discover the Magic of Sea Glass (MMDSG),  Expanded chapter book  in convenient paperback form for the more advanced reader–ages 6-10.   Paperback. 39 pages