NEW: Max and Mollie Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Max and Mollie 

Walk A Mile in My Shoes 

Teaches:  Empathy. Understanding. Responsibility.  Respectfulness.

Order the new “character-building” Max and Mollie chapter book. 

This delightful character-building story begins one day at the local swimming pool. Max and Mollie are having great fun with friends until it’s time to walk home. Their shoes are gone, and their feet are glued to the bottom of the pool. When, after a long struggle, they finally manage to pull their feet from the water, Max and Mollie are wearing four different shoes. From four different people.

Thanks to the magic of their special friend Lily, Max and Mollie must walk a mile in the shoes of others—creating a “textbook” way to begin understanding the lives of friends, teachers, and neighbors.

A FUN and compelling children’s chapter book for discovering empathy, understanding, responsibility and respectfulness. Beautiful full-color illustrations.  Character building and learning experiences.

100 pages

Ages 6-11


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